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I'd probably pay more for a Scrollpoint Pro, but not that much. It's really horrible having your hand & mouse grind against the table all day. The easiest way to fix this is to apply a bit of gorilla super glue and let it settle in and seal the hole. It's practically brand new since I only used it a few times. navigate here

It had the wrong driver and I didn't realize what it was or could do with the right driver, so I found a Microsoft scroll wheel mouse and ditched the IBM Found it and using it at the moment. Oh wait, the iPad is already out. Another difference from the later red wheelers is the fact the IBM logo is printed higher at the same location as a ScrollPoint III.

Ibm Mouse Driver

I had one for my desktop...then two side by a third. Usually in only a matter of months. IC replacement Another possible yet less practical solution might be to replace the optical sensor entirely with a superior one able to operate on transparent surfaces, but it would have to Although, I don't think lenovo made them or branded them with lenovo.

Lenovo only manufactures the standard black issue ones. It's a pity, because, they're much better than the regular scrollpoint.I was able to buy one right before crapovo discontinued them. So IBM was thinking about it and left that unintentionally on the box art; however it appears no one noticed this, not even IBM themselves... (I didn't notice it either until Thus it would be something I'd look at when I can afford the latest w7xxds.

That's in a 2 year period approximately.I've seen two listings that DID ship to canada: but often or not they mislabeled it as I heretofore said.I WANT AN ANCIENT SAGE ONE!! Scrollpoint Mouse You can always change your theme. More later on in the article about the microcontroller. Logged EverythingIBM Thread Starter Posts: 1269 IBM Scrollpoint Pro « Reply #8 on: Sun, 07 March 2010, 16:26:25 » Quote from: ch_123;162341Laptops don't just suddenly lose their ability to sleep

ScrollPoint Microcontrollers The regular ScrollPoint III uses the Cypress CY7C63743-PC microcontroller. Although, mine looks like it just came out of the factory since I don't put much of my hand on it. Covering it w/ stickers just isn't an option.The software build is one thing, having it plastered all over the hardware is another.My next thinkpad will be a T42, lol. Logged EverythingIBM Thread Starter Posts: 1269 IBM Scrollpoint Pro « Reply #11 on: Sun, 07 March 2010, 17:04:33 » Quote from: ch_123;162352I recently saved a Thinkpad T30 from being dumped.

Scrollpoint Mouse

Features and Benefits: * Allows your fingers to rest easily and naturally on the mouse buttons * No mouse pad required! I only found them twice on ebay years ago. Ibm Mouse Driver Type the characters you see in this image: Try different image Continue shopping Conditions of Use Privacy Policy © 1996-2014,, Inc. 31p7405 IBM ScrollPoint Information and Software

The original ScrollPoint mouse debuted in 1998 to combine the similar TrackPoint mechanism as found on the ThinkPads to replace a standard mouse wheel.

You will lose the ability to track transparent surfaces however (presently looking into how to get the 'best' of both). Most mice will have red sensor LEDs as they are cheaper to manufacture and more responsive to the sensing IC. You have to use a fine pair of pliers to snip the excess plastic out, shown here: #3 swapping the thumb button plastics It takes a bit of careful prying, but MO28UOL - Revision B This revision uses an almost completely different circuit board, eradicates the use of the smaller square switches, and removes the spot for an extra LED.

This was was never sold separately from the keyboard. There are some of the non-Pro's on ebay, I'm wondering if they'd be a good choice of spare mice to keep around for those times you need a decent one in Still sticking with the good old Trackpoint for the forseeable future. his comment is here Welcome, Guest.

Because of the extra feature being able to use them with both interfaces, these microcontrollers are often found in mice from many vendors. Had it for 2 years now, use it every day.It's very hard to find them; getting one with an IBM-logo is quite in vain. Disclaimer: is not affiliated to IBM in any way.

So, IBM still does create products with their logo on it.

The wheel does light up, click the picture for a larger image. I think it's 15% extra off. Any time I find it necessary to refer to it as Lenovo, I jokingly call it "Len-I can't believe it's not IBM-ovo" Logged EverythingIBM Thread Starter Posts: 1269 IBM Scrollpoint Might get one anyway for the lulz.I wonder how similar the Lenovo ones are...

Like all things, eventually these mice will be harder to find as time goes on. It seems to be a little too small to conform to my hand, but a little too large for the claw grip. Interesting.But the thing about the Scrollpoint Pro is that it's actually the sort of mouse I'd use, not a strange curio. weblink If I ever get a chip programmer I will update this section with more information.